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  • Common Problem 1:
    • Q) It's not working! Blah blah this happens, something, something else!
    • A) This is most likely caused by you forgetting to change everything broken in config.php. If that's not the case, check Bugs.
  • Common Problem 2:
    • Q) It's giving me a 404 every time I press a button or click a link on it!
    • A) Either problem 1 applies, or your web server doesn't have path info enabled. (When using Apache 2, you might try "AcceptPathInfo ON" in your PHP file section.)
  • Common Problem 3:
    • Q) It tells me it can't find the book, even when I selected it from the list!
    • A) Either problem 1 applies, or the program doesn't have access to (or can't find) the data files. Make sure all of the PHPScripture files have correct permissions with something like, "chmod 644 bible.php config.php bible/*;chmod 755 bible".

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