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About PHPBible

Welcome to the web site of Alex Markley's PHPScripture bible study tool. You can use the program on this site, or, if you like, you may download a copy for use on your own PHP-enabled web site. While my tool is light-weight and flexible enough for use in nearly every application, your needs may be better suited by the products of the OnlineBible project. This may be especially true if you need tight integration into a PHP CMS with little or no extra effort.

PHPScripture is a program written to fill what is, in my opinion, a rather obvious need. Basically, this program allows anybody who has a PHP-enabled web server to serve a copy of the Word of God with very little effort. While the user interface is nice for reading, it's designed expressly for a quick, easy way of sending passages of scripture to and fro. Since the scripture reference is actually encoded in the URL, it is easy to send people a link to a passage without typing the whole passage in. The program is also extremely minimal for what it accomplishes, and it should be trivial to install on a number of different web servers. Please note that if you wish to integrate bible functionality into a standard CMS, you may wish to try some of the products released by the OnlineBible project.

As stated before, one of PHPScripture's strengths is its URL encoding scheme. As an example, lets say that you want to send someone a link to John 3:16-17. You would simply send a link to "".

Here's a practical table of examples that link to PHPBible as it is installed here.

John links to a menu of all of the chapters in the book of John.
John also links to the book of John, but uses the short version of the name of the book. Both names work fine, although PHPScripture uses the short one internally.
John 3 links to the text of John, Chapter 3. Notice that the book is being referenced with the long version of its name.
John 3:16 links to the text of John, Chapter 3, Verse 16. Notice that the book is being referenced with the long version of its name.
John 3:16-17 links to the text of John, Chapter 3, Verses 16 and 17. Notice that the book is being referenced with the long version of its name.

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