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Welcome to the web site of Alex Markley's PHPScripture bible study tool. You can use the program on this site, or, if you like, you may download a copy for use on your own PHP-enabled web site. While my tool is light-weight and flexible enough for use in nearly every application, your needs may be better suited by the products of the OnlineBible project. This may be especially true if you need tight integration into a PHP CMS with little or no extra effort.


2004-10-15: Hmm... Seems that I broke the root mirror a long time ago and didn't notice until just now. Sorry guys! It's fixed now.

2004-07-27: Rsync is working on the new server, so now the mirrors should be auto-updating again. w00t! :-D

2004-07-21: The PHPBible Project site is the first to come through the whole Malex Media Network transition, and just about everything is working. Rsync isn't working yet, but that shouldn't change anything for you guys. A few minor changes to the site itself, as well as the primary domain. Yadda yadda. The mirrors will remain unupdated until I've repaired rsync.

2004-02-13: Okay, I've figured out the whole bible data conversion process and uploaded the release tarballs. There isn't really anything new or exciting in the PHPScripture engine, but the bible data is updated with the most current draft of the World English Bible translation. Enjoy!

2004-02-13: Well folks, seems the data format that PHPScripture is no longer supported by the World English Bible team. They've stopped updating or distributing it. Fortunately, they are distributing some code that can automatically convert from the GBF format to the format PHPScripture uses. I'm working on figuring out how to merge the conversion process into our release cycle, then I'll be releasing a new version...

2003-12-24: I fixed the theme settings form (again). Please email if you notice any problems. Oh, and merry Christmas to all! (Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, tomorrow is called Christmas, and I wish you a merry day tomorrow all the same.)

2003-12-24: PHPScripture version 1.2.2 is out. This version fixes a problem that occurs with buggy *cough*Microsoft*cough* browsers. Email me if anybody notices problems with this release. Oh, and there is another new WEB draft in there too...

2003-12-22: PHPScripture version 1.2.1 is out. Nothing much new here, just added the new changes to the WEB draft that comes with the package.

2003-11-17: I have now released PHPScripture version 1.2.0! This version should no longer refer to itself as PHPBible, and has a few other enhancements as well. Go grab yourself a copy!

2003-11-17: I've given it a lot of thought, and have decided to rename "PHPBible" to "PHPScripture". I am very thankful for the kindness and understanding shown by the excellent people at the OnlineBible project. I hope that our users will bear with us as we endure this transition.

2003-11-15: I just noticed that the theme setting code was completely broken... Sorry, fixed now. Still trying to think of a good new name for PHPBible that won't conflict with our friends over at Any suggestions anyone?

2003-11-02: Thanks to Quentin's knowledge of Apache, and some really interesting hacks, the sourceforge page is now a real mirror! Also, the other "phpBible" project and I are discussing what we'll do to resolve the conflict. I suspect that I'll end up changing my "PHPBible" to some other name, since I feel that it's the right thing to do under the circumstances. (Basically, if there are any real users out there, you're going to need to hold on to your hats, because there may well be a bumpy ride ahead.)

2003-11-01: I've just discovered another excellent open source program called "phpBible". The "OnlineBible" project released their first version of "phpBible" several months before I released my "PHPBible". (Woo, this is getting confusing.) Hopefully we will be able to coexist without problems, but if the OnlineBible project insists, I will have little choice but to change the name of our product.

2003-10-29: We're having a bit of trouble setting up a real mirror on the SourceForge web server. It seems that the fancy rewrite rules that we use for our project site aren't allowed in project sites... Hopefully SourceForge will allow us an exception. In other SourceForge-related news, I've moved all of the downloads to SourceForge. This will make releasing files easier on us, and will give us more statistics on the downloads then we previously had.

2003-10-29: PHPBible 1.1.0 has been released! Several changes, including two new major features! Also, Sourceforge has accepted PHPBible as a project! This means that a new official mirror is on the way, and downloads will now be counted.

2003-10-29: At this point, the WIP searching should be finished. If you notice any bugs on the website, please give us a holler. Thanks again to Quentin Smith, who wrote the proof-of-concept searching code. Also, keep an eye out for a new release here in another little bit.

2003-10-24: Thanks to one of my friends, some rudimentary searching capabilities have been implemented in PHPBible. While this searching is implemented and seems to work, it is pretty rough around the edges and may be broken. Please bear with us.

2003-10-14: I've now linked this project up into the rest of the network. Hopefully now people will know about it and use it.

2003-10-13: With the help of a great friend, I've set up another mirror of this site. Check the mirrors page for info.

2003-10-12: There are now three themes on this page, and selecting your favorite one is now an option.

2003-10-10: PHPBible 1.0.1 is released, fixing an extremely minor bug. Go to the Download section to get it. I have also added another 'theme' to this page. Eventually there will be more, but for now, there are two.

2003-10-06: PHPBible 1.0.0 is released! Go to the Download section to get it.

2003-10-06: The PHPBible project is born! We've got a stable codebase, which we intend to release under the GPL as soon as humanly possible. At the moment, we're working on hacking together this new website, so please bear with us as we clear up the mess.

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